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On Inauguration Day 2017, Voodoo Doughnut Recordings will release the self-titled debut by Portland's Big Duck on CD and as a digital album.


The 10-song collection draws comfortably from post-punk, blue-eyed soul and anthemic rock, and exhibits a skilled but shambolic sound honed via 8 years of high-intensity live shows. Featuring Jay Boss Rubin on vocals, Dylan Esmonde on guitar, Robbie Aldworth on drums and Chris Fanshier on bass, Big Duck is a homegrown original, stubbornly rooted in classic Rose City themes such as alienation, unrequited love and walking home in wet shoes.


This non-archival, non-pastry related release exposes a cathartic party band that's been playing under-the-radar venues since before Barack Obama was elected president. On record, Big Duck pivots adeptly between Replacements-influenced power trash, chicken-pickin' country and swinging punk soul that, minus the sax, recalls early Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. There is also a Texas two-step, a barroom blues in which front man Rubin shouts "Everything's illegal in Lake Oswego!" and even a cheeky Jimmy Buffett cover. 


"We aim to put these songs across with joyous, life-affirming energy," remarks Rubin who, full disclosure, ran Voodoo Doughnut Recordings until stepping down in Oct 2016. "But if you listen more closely they're really songs about feeling dejected, walking home alone, probably not sober, in the rainy atmospheric Portland that the band grew up in."


Big Duck is organizing a release event for the weekend of Jan 20-22. "When we put this album into motion," Rubin explains, "we weren't imagining it would come out during a cataclysmic period in American history. It's a small gesture, but the release show"--which is going to have a fundraiser element--"will be an opportunity for friends and family to blow off some steam while supporting a worthy cause. It would be unconscionable to not say or do anything in reference to the waves of shock, anger and fear reverberating through communities across the country."


Stay tuned, maybe Big Duck's sophomore album will be a political one.

Big Duck
6:00PM Music Millennium
Portland, OR