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Hot Water Music / VOWS 2024 release from the veteran alt-rock / punk band.
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Judah & the Lion


Vinyl: $24.98 UNAVAILABLE
This record is a song cycle about the process of grief, moving thru the traditional five stages of Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance and welcoming the pain that accompanies each stage. Rather than deflecting or bottling it up, facing the pain head-on allows us to be more human with ourselves and each other.
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Almost out of necessity, Les Savy Favs sixth LP was born in a pocket reality: singer Tim Harringtons Brooklyn attic. A freaky barn, as he calls it, the room was built over the ruins of black mold and plywood, a de facto studio. Different from anywhere theyd ever recorded, the space allowed for a much-needed rebirth for the long-running post-hardcore band. In that in-between, they pieced together what would become their latest evolution, OUI, LSF, growing the albums title and cover art out of a patch of grass. The record grew organically literally and figuratively, Harrington notes wryly.

Its impossible to talk about Les Savy Favs latest without acknowledging that its been more than 10 years since the guys released 2010s Root for Ruin. But its not like they had a messy breakup or quit to become bankers. They just had a lot of living to do. When we finished our last record, there was a sense that if we were going to do more, we wanted to do something more ambitious, Harrington says. I think it took us a while to even get in a space where that was possible. In the interim, the band has been busy building growing their families, taking and losing jobs, and living through the various ecstatic and hideous aspects of growing older. Remember, these five men Harrington, Seth Jabour, Syd Butler, Harrison Haynes, Andrew Reuland have been friends and collaborators since 1995, when they attended Rhode Island School of Design.

The resulting album is a glorious mix of tragedy and comedy studded with nods to the bands eclectic musical taste delightfully weird and utterly them, tripping from ghostly bops to ruminations on love and loss to some seriously debauched and crazy nights. A decade may have passed, but Les Savy Fav is still growing like their musical range, like the seeds that grew into their album art, like their legacy. Heres to 10 more years of delicious lunacy.

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SCOTTY MCCREERY / RISE & FALL / "I feel I was born to make this album. The producers, songwriters, musicians, and I poured our hearts and souls into it. I wrote 12 of the 13 songs on the album, and it is reflective of me and the country music I love. I hope people hear that and enjoy it as much as we did making it. This is my favorite album I've made yet." - Scotty McCreery
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2024 release, the third solo album from former Nightwish vocalist Anette Olzon. Similarly to Anette's second solo album "Strong," this release explores a much heavier and faster musical offering compared to her debut and once again stakes a claim for Anette's well-deserved standing as one of the world's top female metal vocalists!
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Veteran industrial metal monsters create their very own soundtrack to the apocalypse with this stunning new studio album! 10 all-new original songs from the diabolically creative mind of head Powerman Spider One and production from A Perfect Circle's Matt McJunkins! CD includes a bonus track of a revamped version of the band's explosive 2001 hit "Bombshell!" PM5K are preparing a full-on live concert assault this year with performances throughout March as well as festival appearances at Sick New World, Rockville, Louder Than Life and more!
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