Land of the Living - Free Performance

Land of the Living is the most recent musical project of song-writer and guitarist Kivett Bednar. Growing up in Austin, Kivett was exposed to some of the nations most authentic blues acts from an early age. After graduating from Berklee College of Music he launched into a career in the studio, producing albums for award winning artists and commercial tracks for MTV.  He moved to Portland in early 2012 with the sole musical ambition of starting a strictly traditional, roadhouse blues-dance band. 

Slowly, however, the music got heavier and heavier. "I found myself tuning my guitars lower and lower; distorting my sound more and more to get the voodoo-mud I needed," says Kivett of his guitar tone during this developmental period. "The subject matter of the songs just kept getting darker and darker too, and I learned that if I sung certain notes in the right way my voice would start to rumble and growl." The band credits gangsta' rap as a major influence on the lyrical content, while harmonically taking a page from the ancient tome of doom. And while these genres might seem quite disparate, the amalgam is a seamless blend of the intensity metal can offer with the hustle and flow of rap; all without losing the soul of the blues.

"New kid in town...strong guitarist and vocalist," says Slim Lively, president of the Cascade Blues Association.  "If you haven't heard of him, you will soon" chimes Robert Richter, host of the NW Local Roots show on KMUZ 88.5 FM. The group is currently scheduling festival and club dates for the summer. A tour of Europe is on the horizon for the fall.   

Additional contacts: 512-297-4103  &

5:00PM Music Millennium
Portland, OR