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2022 release. Following up on the Rock Sound and Kerrang! Radio supported album 'Amorphous', Icon for Hire introduced 'The Reckoning', with the bruising single 'Ready For Combat'. Described by Rock Sound as "a bold and belligerent piece of hard rock chaos", the track, alongside it's high-powered music video, perfectly depict the harder-edged sound and aesthetic of the upcoming album, in the band's own words; "grittier, louder, larger". Talking about the album Icon for Hire say; "'The Reckoning' isn't just about exploring all the dark and heavy pieces of ourselves, it's about embracing and accepting those pieces, and using them as weapons against the gatekeepers that hold us back, even when those gatekeepers are our own self-imposed limitations." Featuring collaborations with Keith Wallen of Breaking Benjamin and mixing by Joe Rickard of In Flames and Red, the album boasts Ariel's fiercest vocals to date, and Shawn's signature in-your-face guitar style.
Icon For Hire - The Reckoning
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Digitally remixed, remastered, and expanded edition. Includes three bonus tracks. Originally released in 2008, the album debuted at #9 on the Billboard 200 chart, selling over 34,000 copies in it's first week, and well over 200,000 copies through it's initial cycle.
P.O.D. - When Angels & Serpents Dance
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2022 release from legendary hard rock singer Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Deep Purple). The wildest times call for the freest of voices. After selling millions of records, playing to countless fans, and fronting some of the most influential rock bands in history, award-winning songwriter and vocal dynamo Joe Lynn Turner speaks his mind as loudly as possible on his eleventh full-length offering Belly Of The Beast. Joining forces with producer Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, Pain, Lindemann), the New Jersey-born powerhouse conjures up the kind of heavy metal that not only makes you throw your fist in the air, but also makes you think.
Joe Lynn Turner - Belly Of The Beast
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Electric Callboy finally return with their highly anticipated studio album Tekkno. With tons of energy and fun on board, the band from Castrop-Rauxel delivers an unprecedentedly fulminant metalcore-firework that is second to none. On 11 incredibly strong tracks including the already released hit singles "We Got The Moves" and "Pump It" Electric Callboy show on their undoubtedly best album so far what they are made of.
Electric Callboy - Tekkno
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2022 release, the debut album by the Fargo, North Dakota based death metal group. On the album, the four-piece ruminate on philosophical absurdism, existentialism and human consciousness against a backdrop of suffocatingly minacious death metal.
Phobophilic - Enveloping Absurdity
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Rampaging into their 25th year as purveyors of the most ruthless extreme metal, Goatwhore return with perhaps the strongest album of their storied career. Angels Hung From The Arches Of Heaven is 47 minutes of their trademark blend of death, black, thrash and sludge metal delivered with breathless intensity and an unrepentant bloodlust, making for one of the most thrilling records to come out of 2022.
Goatwhore - Angels Hung From The Arches Of Heaven
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2022 release, the ninth album from heavy horror punk icon Wednesday 13. He has climbed his way to the top of the horrendous heights of rock, punk and metal with his electrifying solo music and as frontman of renowned horror punk supergroup Murderdolls, amassing a colossal cult-following along the way. In 2022, the undisputed harbinger of metal horror returns, following up on 2019's acclaimed Necrophaze with Horrifier - a brand new slathering of 10 terrifyingly grim and groovy anthems to get blood pumping and brains melting! Showcasing a blend of styles from the band's 20-year career, Horrifier manages to weave an underlying sonic thread reminiscent of Wednesday 13's roots - a raucous blend of ballistic metal and macabre heavy rock that'll have new and diehard fans alike ascending from the depths. As always, various tracks on the album are inspired by classic horror flicks, this time circling cult-favorite slasher John Carpenter's Halloween and the iconic Christine supernatural thrillers. Horrifier was produced and recorded by Wednesday 13 with mixing and mastering by Brent Clawson, and features stunning album artwork by Jonny Bush. A dynamic journey into the 20-year career-spanning sound of Wednesday 13, Horrifier revitalizes with something for every listener to latch onto - boasting intensely fun horror punk energy with gruesome metallic attitude!
Wednesday 13 - Horrifier
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Digipak includes booklet and sticker. 2022 release. With over 20 million albums sold worldwide, innumerable accolades and a career that not only spans, but has charted the course of multiple genres, Queensr˙che remains a force in their own right. "Digital Noise Alliance", Queensr˙che's 16th studio album and fourth to be helmed by founding guitarist Michael Wilton, vocalist Todd LaTorre and bassist Eddie Jackson continues the ever-evolving legacy the Bellvue Washington born band began in 1982 when they first took hold of the flame with their hugely received self-titled 4-song EP. Their recent U.S. tour with Judas Priest proved that the band's time off the road and in the studio only stoked their ambition and fire. Once again teaming producer Zeuss (Rob Zombie, Hatebreed), "Digital Noise Alliance" not only refracts Queensr˙che's past accomplishments but also pushes into the band's future.
Queensryche - Digital Noise Alliance
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Love, Drugs Misery is the long awaited Album from Eva Under Fire. The group poured their heart into this project.This album has a message of inclusivity and self love.With songs like "Coming for Blood" Feat Mat From Ashes To New.It also features the radio hit "Blow Feat Spencer Charnas Of Ice Nine Kills which is featured on the Horror Film The Retaliators Sound Track.With their motto being "Be the fan that fuels that fire" Everyone will definitely fall in love with Eva Under Fire powerful vocals.
Eva Under Fire - Love, Drugs & Misery

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