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What's New 8-13-21


Heavy Shoes is Cold Stares' best record yet, and they know it. It took a lot of blood, sweat, tears and doubt before Chris Tapp and Brian Mullins reached this moment, but it's all the sweeter knowing they did it their way. It’s an intense amalgam of Zeppelin meets Free, Soundgarden meets Black Crowes; rock and roll wizardry where the riffs are hard, the vocals are searing, and the low end is capital "H," heavy.


The Killers return with their 7th studio album, about the small town of Nephi, Utah where Brandon Flowers spent his youth. Forgoing their normal razzmatazz in favor of something more tender and contemplative, Pressure Machine presents a new angle with, as Flowers says, “songs that would have otherwise have been too quiet and drowned out by the noise of typical Killers records.” Featuring Phoebe Bridgers on “Runaway Horses”.

Grand Jury

Continuing the success from The Baby and The Baby Reimagined, the Scout EP showcases the distinct sides of Samia with each song: a midtempo pop/rock track, a ballad, an atmospheric indie track, and a cover (When In Rome’s “The Promise” with Jelani Aryeh). The release is also in front of her support dates with Sylvan Esso and headline dates featuring Savannah Conley. *Available on Limited Edition Apple Red colored vinyl*

Tiptos Tiger Music

Watchhouse (FKA Mandolin Orange) present a seamless reinvention as a band at the regenerative edges of subtly experimental folk-rock. An inspired search for personal and political goodness, these nine songs offer welcome lessons about what any of us might become when the night begins to break. First single "Better Way" pairs their own honest songcraft with bold, otherworldly sonic explorations signifying a new sense of confidence and ambition for the band.


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