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Sarah Kinsley’s debut album Escaper is a vibrant, bold and beautiful body of work written solely by this left-field singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.
Sarah Kinsley - Escaper [LP]
OUT 2024-09-06 Video
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Hippo Campus' singer Jake Luppen had been listening to the band's work as they rolled around the country, trying to tease out how much work remained. All of it, he soon decided. Obfuscated by the need to sound sophisticated and the overwhelming ambition to make the best Hippo Campus LP ever, a deeper and more profound record that reflected how their lives were changing. But Luppen and all of Hippo Campus decided they didn't actually like what they were making.So they called an audible. They were going to start over. And three months later, the four-member core of Hippo Campus rendezvoused with longtime collaborator Caleb Wright and producer Brad Cook at Sonic Ranch, a playground-like studio complex on the Texas border. They gave themselves 10 days to cut the tracks they liked best, to make something to which they could commit at last. Less than two weeks later, they emerged with what they'd given themselves half a decade to make-Flood, or the best album Hippo Campus has ever made. The sentiments on Flood are raw, real, and unguarded, a testament to Hippo Campus dropping preconceptions of how they had to sound after so many failed attempts to re-record these songs. They wiped the slate clean, starting over without beliefs about what Hippo Campus or this record needed to be. Still, sophistication lurks in subtle key and tempo changes, in the almost innate shifts that a band of longtime best friends can tap after so much time spent helping to shape one another's musical language. Flood doesn't need to tell you it's important or interesting; it simply is, just by virtue of how it's written, built, and rendered, a map of what it's like to feel everything at once. This rebirth is accompanied by a crucial career shift for Hippo Campus, too, as they exit the traditional label system to issue LP4 via Psychic Hotline, a truly independent imprint run by peers and pals. If you're working to let go of expectations, why not jettison them all? There's a bravery to that, and you can hear it's revivifying spirit in every second of LP4.Early into the endlessly propulsive "Paranoid," where stunted acoustic strums undergird an inescapable jangle, Luppen asks an existential question: "Is there something waiting out there for us at the finish line?" For the next three minutes, the band cycles with him through his woes, from the title's overwhelming worry to notions of dislocation and loneliness. (Also, is there any other refrain ever that manages to make the phrase "so god-damned fucking" sound so catchy and natural?) But in the final verse, with his voice breaking through a scrim of distortion, he stumbles upon a new credo: "Wait, I wanna give this life all that I have in me." That is precisely what Hippo Campus have done with Flood after realizing it doesn't take a lifetime-or, well, five years-to do just that.
Hippo Campus - Flood [Indie Exclusive Clear Galaxy 2 LP]
OUT 2024-09-20
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J Balvin

Rayo [CD]



J Balvin is preparing to release his highly anticipated sixth studio album, "Rayo". This record will feature 15 tracks with a diverse array of renowned artists from different genres, including Chencho Corleone, Luar la L, Feid, Saiko, Bad Gyal, Zion, Dei V, Ryan Castro, Blessd, Carín León, Yovngchimi, Quevedo, and Omar Courtz. The album marks J Balvin's return to streaming and the stage, reconnecting with his musical roots while introducing new elements in each track for his hardcore fans to enjoy at the end of the summer. 

"Rayo" includes classic reggaeton sounds with J Balvin's unmistakable voice, but it also blends other genres, featuring powerful afrobeats, house/electro rhythms, as well as Latin trap and pop ballads that showcase Balvin's versatility. 

J Balvin - Rayo [CD]
OUT 2024-08-09 Video
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143 IS A PARTY AND EVERYONE IS INVITED! Katy Perry has officially launched an exciting new era with the long awaited sixth studio album “143”. Katy set out to create a bold, exuberant, celebratory dance-pop album with the symbolic 143 numerical expression of love as a throughline message. The result is a sexy, fearless, return to form for the multifaceted musician with an album jam packed with the empowering, sexy, & provocative pop anthems you’ve come to love. This is an album with a lot of heart and a lot of BPM. Get ready to pop off!
Katy Perry - 143 [Indie Exclusive Clear Blue LP]
OUT 2024-09-20 Video
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KATSEYE will release its debut EP, SIS (Soft Is Strong), on August 16 via HYBE x Geffen Records. SIS (Soft Is Strong), the EP’s title, reflects one of KATSEYE’s core beliefs – Soft Is Strong – and also nods to the sisterhood they’ve forged, despite coming from immensely different cultures. The six members of KATSEYE are: DANIELA (USA); LARA (USA); MANON (Switzerland); MEGAN (USA); SOPHIA (Philippines); and YOONCHAE (South Korea).
KATSEYE - SIS (Soft Is Strong) [Opaque Vintage Bottle Vinyl]
OUT 2024-08-30 Video
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Magdalena Bay, the Los Angeles-based duo of Mica Tenenbaum and Matthew Lewin, create magical pop music that floats in the ether of our collective social cosmos. While they call California home, their essence lies in the clouds, emitting unique yet familiar frequencies of synthesized nostalgia, kitschy catchiness, and warped neo-hooks. Suited for the times, Magdalena Bay blends the known and felt with innovative sonic landscapes. Tenenbaum and Lewin met as teenagers in a Miami high school music program. Tenenbaum, who moved from Buenos Aires to Florida at age one, and Lewin, a guitar shredder influenced by his dad’s prog and concept rock records, quickly recognized their kindred spirits. They formed a prog band called Tabula Rasa and began a romance. Both were skilled musicians; Tenenbaum a pianist and singer, and Lewin self-taught in production and music theory. Despite attending different colleges, they maintained their band, traveling hours to rehearse before realizing two things: their relationship was undeniable, and prog rock wasn’t resonating with young audiences. Shifting their focus to pop, they explored its craft, leading to the creation of Magdalena Bay. They learned the complexities of pop writing and production, striving to create something interesting within the genre. Describing their music broadly as "pop," they released several EPs and singles before debuting their album, "Mercurial World," in 2021. Praised for its melodic hooks and meticulous production, it was often labeled as "synth-pop."
Magdalena Bay - Imaginal Disk [Indie Exclusive White LP]
OUT 2024-08-23
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Esteemed Hip-Hop Artist, Lil Yachty Teams Up With James Blake To Release Their First Collaborative Alternative Album Titled Bad Cameo Featuring A Limited Edition 10-Track vinyl.
James Blake & Lil Yachty - Bad Cameo [Indie Exclusive Royal Magenta LP]
OUT 2024-09-27 Video
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Josh Turner - This Country Music Thing - Vinyl

This Country Music Thing is Josh Turner's 10th studio album and first new music since his 2017 album, Deep South. Produced by Kenny Greenberg, it features 11 tracks - including the new single, "Heatin' Things Up," which was released in April. Josh will remain on tour throughout the rest of 2024 previewing songs from his new album.

Josh Turner - This Country Music Thing [Gold LP]
OUT 2024-09-13
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Keith Urban


Vinyl: $30.00 PREORDER


Four-time GRAMMY Award-winner and three-time Entertainer of the Year recipient Keith Urban releases his 11th studio album, HIGH, on Capitol Nashville Records. The brand-new collection of 11 songs, includes “GO HOME W U” (with Lainey Wilson), “CHUCK TAYLORS,” and the hit single “MESSED UP AS ME.” It showcases Urban’s extraordinary talents as a vocalist, virtuoso guitarist, songwriter, and collaborator.

Keith Urban - HIGH [LP]
OUT 2024-09-20 Video
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Megan's 3rd Studio self-titled album MEGAN. Album features Glorilla, Victoria Monet, Kyle Ricch, and the reunion of UGK amongst others.
Megan thee Stallion - Megan [CD]
OUT 2024-08-23
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Telos [LP]

Vinyl: $33.00 PREORDER

Zedd - Telos [LP]
OUT 2024-08-30 Video
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2xLP Post Malone is set to release his much-anticipated sixth LP and first-ever full-length country album this year. Paving the way was the first single "I Had Some Help" with Morgan Wallen, which continues to dominate the charts and the conversation. Upon release, it crash landed at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, tallying "the highest weekly sales and streams since 2020." It became Post's sixth #1 and Wallen's second #1. It has clinched the #1 spot on the Hot 100 for five consecutive weeks, emerging as "the longest running number one song of 2024." Not to mention, it took flight as "the first single to debut at #1 on both the Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart and hold the top on each chart for three weeks to follow." Toppling the Billboard Global 200 chart as well, it has already gathered well over 1 billion streams. Post also released "Pour Me A Drink" featuring Blake Shelton, the two recently connected at CMA Fest where they debuted the track to the sold-out Nissan Stadium crowd. The performance will air as a part of the CMA Fest special June 25th on ABC. The album arrives on the heels of Posts landmark set at Stagecoach Festival 2024 in Indio, CA with a lineup of country covers and welcomed superstar guests Brad Paisley, Sara Evans, and Dwight Yoakam during the standout performance. On Sunday, Post joined Wallen on stage for the live debut of "I Had Some Help" in front of the sold out crowd.
Post Malone - F-1 Trillion
OUT 2024-08-16 Video
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Multi-platinum indie pop artist Dayglow reveals his new self-titled project and celebrates the official announcement by dropping his latest single “Cocoon.” DAYGLOW embodies exactly who Sloan Struble is as an artist and creative and acts as a proper introduction into the bright and colorful Dayglow world. The 10-track debut record was solely written, performed, recorded, produced, and mixed by Struble himself in his Malibu home studio. He opens up and shares, “When I was 18 years old, I made my mixtape Fuzzybrain. I was a pretty introverted kid from a reasonably small town in Texas, so I didn’t expect much to happen ‘commercially’ for the record—I just made it for my own enjoyment, really. As a fan of the 2010’s indie music scene (MGMT, The Strokes, Phoenix, Passion Pit, etc.), I wanted to see what kind of album I could make completely alone in my bedroom. So, out of the quest to make something I loved, Dayglow was born. It was a clear reflection of myself at that time. It was pure, naive, goofy, guitar-driven indie-pop made to be played live by a 5-piece band (that I didn’t even have yet).”

Dayglow - Dayglow [LP]
OUT 2024-09-13
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Moon Music, the highly anticipated tenth album from Coldplay lands on October 4 2024.

Moon Music, which was produced by Max Martin, is available to pre-order now, 

In tandem with Coldplay’s ground-breaking sustainability measures on their current tour - which has so far produced 59% less CO2e emissions than their previous stadium tour - the band have gone to great lengths to make the physical release of Moon Music as sustainable as possible. 

This will be the world's first album released as a 140g EcoRecord rPET LP, with each copy containing nine recycled PET-plastic bottles recovered from post-consumer waste. This will prevent the manufacture of more than 25 metric tonnes of virgin plastic, and provide an 85% reduction in manufacturing process CO2 emissions/kg compared to traditional 140g vinyl. 

Additionally, the band have collaborated with long-time partners The Ocean Cleanup to create an additional format: the Notebook Edition EcoRecord rPET LP. The rPET for this edition comprises 70% river plastic, intercepted by The Ocean Cleanup from the Rio Las Vacas, Guatemala, and prevented from reaching the Gulf of Honduras and the Atlantic Ocean.

The CD editions of Moon Music will be the world’s first to be released on EcoCD, created from 90% recycled polycarbonate,sourced from post-consumer waste streams. This will provide at least a 78% CO2/kg emission reduction, and avoid the manufacture of more than five metric tonnes of virgin plastic.

In an effort to reduce waste, the first edition run of Moon Music(both EcoRecord rPET LP and EcoCD) will be strictly limited and produced at a higher specification than any future editions. All First Edition EcoRecord rPET LP products will be individually numbered.

Coldplay - Moon Music [Translucent Pink Vinyl]
OUT 2024-10-04
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Gatefold jacket with custom dust sleeves and an envelope containing a personal letter from Suki
Limited sparklemuffin-pearl vinyl

Suki Waterhouse’s music sounds like a collage of her inspirations, experiences, and emotions stitched together by honeyed vocal delivery, bright-eyed melodies, and evocative storytelling. It doubles as a mirror image of her life as a consummate creative, artist, actress, model, and mother, yet it also breaks the glass to unveil raw truth. She leans on an ever-evolving sonic palette to convey what she’s feeling—whether it be folky Americana, nineties alternative, turn-of-the-century indie, or handcrafted otherworldly pop. You’ll hear Suki’s longing in a swooning chorus, fearlessness in a crunchy chord, elation in a danceable waltz, and wonder in a soft coo befitting of a lullaby. She faithfully followed a lifelong passion for music to her 2022 full-length debut, I Can’t Let Go. Adorned by “Moves” and “Melrose Meltdown,” it incited widespread critical applause from Variety, Nylon, NME, The Line of Best Fit, and more. Between headlining shows and touring with Father John Misty, “Good Looking” surged online, generating nearly a billion streams, going RIAA platinum, and paving the way for theMilk Teeth EP.  Simultaneously, she absorbed inspiration from a season of change earmarked by unforgettable moments a la gracing the stage of Lollapalooza 2023, performing on multiple continents, becoming a mom, and closing out the Gobi Tent at Coachella in 2024. Everything just set the stage for the gold-certified songstress to assert herself as a versatile, vibrant, and vital presence on her 2024 double-LP, Memoir of a Sparklemuffin

Suki Waterhouse - Memoir Of A Sparklemuffin [Sparklemuffin Pearl Vinyl]
OUT 2024-09-13
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4LP Boxset 
4 180 GRAM LPS
NOVA SCOTIA, 4/26/90

Up To Here is The Tragically Hip’s diamond selling debut album, originally released on August 8, 1989.

Featuring some of the bands most beloved songs ‘Blow At High Dough’ and ‘New Orleans Is Sinking’ – both #1 radio singles in Canada as well as fan favorites ‘Boots Or Hearts’ and ’38 Years Old’ 

The expanded reissue of Up To Here is a must-have for collectors, presented as four double LP sets on 180g vinyl, plus a four CD set alongside a book documenting the history of the debut album era. The reissue includes a 2024 remastering of the original album, a recording of Live at The Misty Moon the special filmed for MuchMusic in 1990 from The Misty Moon in Halifax with accompanying 1 hour concert film on Bluray, plus the demos from the original 1988 recording session. There are four previously unreleased songs that didn’t make it on the original Up To Here album – “She’s Got What It Takes,” “Get Back Again,” “Rain, Hearts And Fire” – that are shared as part of this expanded package, remastered in Atmos.

4LP Boxset + Blu Ray

Side 1 (LP1 - Up To Here (2024 remaster of the original album)

  1. Blow At High Dough
  2. I’ll Believe In You (Or I’ll Be Leaving You Tonight)                   
  3. New Orleans Is Sinking
  4. 38 Years Old
  5. She Didn’t Know

Side 2 (LP1 - Up To Here (2024 remaster of the original album)

  1. Boots Or Hearts                        
  2. Everytime You Go
  3. When The Weight Comes Down  
  4. Trickle Down
  5. Another Midnight
  6. Opiated

Side 3 (LP2 - Live At The Misty Moon + Previously Unreleased Studio Tracks)

  1. Crack My Spine Like A Whip (Live At The Misty Moon)
  2. She Didn’t Know (Live At The Misty Moon)     
  3. Highway Girl (Live At The Misty Moon)
  4. Just As Well (Live At The Misty Moon)
  5. Boots Or Hearts (Live At The Misty Moon)
  6. Trickle Down (Live At The Misty Moon)

Side 4 (LP2 - Live At The Misty Moon + Previously Unreleased Studio Tracks)

  1. Get Back Again (Live At The Misty Moon)
  2. Three Pistols (Live At The Misty Moon)
  3. Fight (Live At The Misty Moon)
  4. 38 Years Old (Live At The Misty Moon)

Side 5 (LP3 - Live At The Misty Moon + Previously Unreleased Studio Tracks)

  1. Blow At High Dough (Live At The Misty Moon)
  2. I’ll Believe In You (Or I’ll Be Leaving You Tonight) (Live At The Misty Moon)
  3. New Orleans Is Sinking (Live At The Misty Moon)
  4. On The Verge (Live At The Misty Moon)

Side 6 (LP3 - Live At The Misty Moon + Previously Unreleased Studio Tracks)

  1. She’s Got What It Takes
  2. Get Back Again
  3. Rain, Hearts And Fire
  4. Wait So Long

Side 7 (LP4 - How We Got Here - The 1988 Demos)

  1. Hailstone Hands Of God (1988 Demo)
  2. When The Weight Comes Down (1988 Demo)
  3. I’ll Believe In You (Or I’ll Be Leaving You Tonight) (1988 Demo)
  4. New Orleans Is Sinking (1988 Demo)
  5. Rain, Hearts And Fire (1988 Demo)

Side 8 (LP4 - How We Got Here - The 1988 Demos)

  1. She Didn’t Know (1988 Demo)
  2. Blow At High Dough (1988 Demo)
  3. Boots Or Hearts (1988 Demo)  
  4. Everytime You Go (1988 Demo)
  5. Just Another Midnight (1988 Demo)

Blu Ray Disc Side 1 - full 1hr concert film of the Misty Moon show

  1. Blow At High Dough
  2. I’ll Believe In You (Or I’ll Be Leaving You Tonight)                   
  3. New Orleans Is Sinking
  4. 38 Years Old
  5. She Didn’t Know
  6. Boots Or Hearts                        
  7. Everytime You Go
  8. When The Weight Comes Down  
  9. Trickle Down
  10. Another Midnight
  11. Opiated
  12. She’s Got What It Takes
  13. Get Back Again
  14. Rain, Hearts And Fire
  15. Wait So Long
The Tragically Hip - The Tragically Hip - 35th Anniversary
OUT 2024-11-08
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Critically acclaimed, Orville Peck has long dreamed of making Stampede, a duets album with singers, songwriters, and fellow musicians he’s long admired. And now, music icons, rebels and newcomers join hand-in-hand with Orville on his third full-length body of work to help create a two-part record that tips its hat to music’s past, present, and future. Orville just released the first part to this project Stampede: Vol.1 on 5/10 with duets such as Willie Nelson, Midland, Elton John, Allison Russell, Noah Cyrus, Bu Cuaron and Nathaniel Rateliff. Slant Magazine describes Volume 1 as "a reflection of both the singer’s dedication to the genre and his desire not to be confined by it."
Orville Peck - Stampede [Indie Exclusive Baby Pink 2 LP]
OUT 2024-08-02 Video
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Bring Me the Horizon / POST HUMAN: NEX GEN
Bring Me The Horizon - POST HUMAN: NEX GEN [LP]
OUT 2030-12-25
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Sunset Drive

Vinyl: $26.99 PREORDER

On her new album, Sunset Drive, Denitia shares her story of going after something new — a life back in Nashville, where she attended college, immersed in both the city’s roots music scene and the community of the artist collective Black Opry — while experiencing the menagerie of emotions that come with leaving behind what you knew and starting over. Across the album, she draws from the country and alternative rock music she listened to growing up outside of Houston; the songs of artists such as the Eagles, Vince Gill, Waylon Jennings, Joni Mitchell, Dolly Parton, and Neil Young, ever present in her life; and the decade she spent entrenched in Brooklyn’s indie music scene. Denitia’s music has been featured in the films Nanny and The Invitation, as well as in the series Better Things (FX), Broad City (Comedy Central), Dear White People (Netflix), Shrinking (Apple TV+), and The Terminal List (Amazon). She has toured extensively with the Black Opry Revue; been invited to perform at the National Museum of African American Music and the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville; and shared stages with Jason Isbell, Amythyst Kiah, Joy Oladokun, and Allison Russell, among other artists. In 2023, Denitia earned one of five spots in a residency hosted by the Black Opry and WXPN, was named to Rissi Palmer’s Color Me Country class, and was one of three artists selected for CMT and mtheory’s Equal Access cohort. And the momentum has continued in 2024: Denitia is one of CMT’s 2024 Next Women of Country; was named an artist to watch by the Nashville Scene in January; is making her Grand Ole Opry debut in late June; and will open shows for Mickey Guyton in the fall.
Denitia - Sunset Drive
OUT 2024-09-06 Video
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GRAMMY, BRIT, Golden Globe and Academy Award-winning artist Sam Smith marks a decade of their multi-platinum debut, In the Lonely Hour. Released in 2014, In the Lonely Hour was the first of many incredible milestones and successes that Sam would achieve over the course of their standout career. The GRAMMY Award-winning, now 6x RIAA platinum-certified album became the biggest selling debut album of the decade, leading to Sam being awarded a Guinness World Record for holding the most number of consecutive weeks in the UK Top 10 Album Chart in the 2010s. The 10-track project includes UK Number 1’s “Money On My Mind” and “Stay With Me,” which saw Sam’s debut in the Billboard Hot 100. Other hits on the album are “I’m Not The Only One,” “Like I Can” and “Lay Me Down.”

Sam Smith - In The Lonely Hour - (10th Anniversary Edition) [LP]
OUT 2024-08-02
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LP - features LIMITED EDITION BLACK & WHITE SWIRL + album download code with 3 never-before-released bonus tracks REMIXED AND REMASTERED from 192kHz/36-bit transfers of the original multi-track tapes. Includes a 4-COLOR BOOKLET with liner notes from Alison Brown, Dave Dennison, and Mike Marshall, plus ARCHIVAL PHOTOS and SESSION DOCUMENTS. Unavailable on all formats since the early 2000s, Alison Brown's Grammy-nominated debut album Simple Pleasures was a leap forward for Scruggs-rooted banjo playing when it was first released in 1990. This led to her immediate recognition as a banjo pioneer and to her win in 1991 of the Banjo Player of the Year award from the International Bluegrass Music Association (the first female to win an Instrumentalist of the Year award).

The album was produced in 1989 by acoustic music icon and frequent Jerry Garcia cohort David Grisman (architect of "Dawg Music," the jazz-influenced breakout fringe of the bluegrass genre) and recorded with a cast of all-star musicians at Dawg Studio in Marin, CA. Players on the sessions included Alison Krauss (fiddle), David Grisman (mandolin), Mike Marshall (guitar, fiddle, mandolin), Matt Eakle (flute), Joe Craven (percussion) and Jim Kerwin (bass). The album's 12 tunes were all written by Alison and include the first recorded versions of some of her most well-known compositions, including "Mambo Banjo," "Leaving Cottondale," and "Weetabix." For the 2024 reissue, the original 8-track, 1" multitrack tapes were transferred at a resolution of 192kHz/36-bit, and remixed and mastered by Matt Coles at Compass Sound Studio in Nashville. Simple Pleasures will be released on LP, CD, and all digital platforms and features liner notes from Mike Marshall, recording engineer Dave Dennison, and Alison. The CD and DL versions include 3 bonus tracks of never-before-released demos recorded at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA, in 1988, produced by Richard Greene and featuring David Grisman (mandolin), Mike Marshall (guitar), Todd Phillips (bass), and Greene (fiddle). Originally released on Vanguard Records in 1990, Simple Pleasures earned extensive critical praise both for Alison's compositions as well as her instrumental prowess and received a Grammy nomination for Best Bluegrass Album. In his liner notes for the reissue, Mike Marshall wrote: "It is SO fun to revisit this first album of Alison's and to remember how she put her own stamp on the acoustic music scene back in the early 90s both as a composer and monster instrumentalist. It was refreshing and very much needed to have a woman showing us guys what was what and, in the process, paving the way for the next generation of virtuoso female bluegrass pickers." One of the most multi-faceted minds in roots music, Alison Brown is a GRAMMY-winning musician, GRAMMY-nominated producer, and co-founder of Compass Records Group. She is the recipient of the USA Artists Fellowship in Music and the Distinguished Achievement Award from the International Bluegrass Music Association. A pioneer among women in the music industry, Alison was the first female to win an Instrumentalist of the Year award from the International Bluegrass Music Association; in 2019, she became the first female 5-string banjoist to be inducted into the American Banjo Museum's Hall of Fame. Alison serves as Vice President of the Board of Governors of the Recording Academy, on the advisory board of the Salt Lick Incubator and the Earl Scruggs Center, and as co-chair of the Steve Martin Banjo Prize. Over the course of her career, she has continued to break down barriers for the 5-string banjo through both her solo discography and her live performances with the Alison Brown Quintet, as well as frequent collaborations with actor/comedian/banjoist Steve Martin, The Indigo Girls, and others. Alison's 2023 release, On Banjo, received critical acclaim for charting new territory for the 5-string banjo and a Best Album of the Year nod from AllMusic.

Alison Brown - Simple Pleasures (Remixed And Remastered) [Black & White Swirl]
OUT 2024-08-09
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More than any other album in the canon of Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers, 1958’s Moanin’ – featuring the great drummer with trumpeter Lee Morgan, tenor saxophonist Benny Golson, pianist Bobby Timmons and bassist Jymie Merritt was the perfect crystallization of the bands bluesy, soulful sound, and it still stands today as perhaps the most quintessential hard bop recording off all-time. Originally self-titled, the album was later renamed Moanindue to the popularity of Timmonsunforgettable opening track. The album also introduced several indelible Golson compositions that would become standards of the jazz songbook, including Along Came Betty,and Blues March.

Available on 180g blue vinyl. Indie Exclusive. Limited Edition. 

Moanin' Indie Blue Cover

Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers - Moanin' - [Blue LP]
OUT 2024-08-09
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Global superstar Dean Lewis will release his hotly anticipated third studio album, The Epilogue, via Capitol Records. Dean will head off on a global tour to support the album release. The Epilogue Tour will start in Australia in October 2024 and head to the US, UK and EU in 2025. The 12-track album includes his previous singles, “Trust Me Mate” and “Memories” as well as the recently released, “All I Ever Wanted.”
Dean Lewis - The Epilogue [Bone LP]
OUT 2024-10-18 Video
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Following up on the global success of their album “Let The Bad Times Roll,” legendary So-Cal punk group The Offspring release their 11th album SUPERCHARGED. Produced by Bob Rock, the record continues the band's legacy with some of their best songwriting to date and unmatched musical energy.
The Offspring - SUPERCHARGED [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Blue Marble Blue LP]
OUT 2024-10-11
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Short n’ Sweet showcases the scintillating spirit of Sabrina Carpenter, the pocket-sized popstar with a larger than life artistic presence. One gold album & multiple platinum singles later, it’s no wonder that “Espresso,” the debut single from the forthcoming album, has it all: lyrics that make you giggle and blush and songwriting that makes you wish you’d thought of it first.
Sabrina Carpenter - Short n' Sweet [Light Sky LP]
OUT 2024-08-23
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Legendary hip-hop figures Common and Pete Rock showcase their evolved prowess in their debut collaboration, "The Auditorium, Vol. 1." Despite years apart, their synergy is palpable. Pete's groundbreaking production, blending intricate harmonies, and Common's multifaceted artistry shine through. Their meticulous process births 15 tracks that blend nostalgia with innovation. With cameos from Jennifer Hudson and De La Soul's Posdnuos, each element is carefully curated, resulting in a timeless masterpiece. This album not only celebrates their individual growth but also sets the stage for future volumes.
Common & Pete Rock - The Auditorium Vol. 1 [INDIE EXCLUSIVE Translucent Forest Green 2LP]
OUT 2024-08-23 Video
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Meshell Ndegeocello -"No More Water: The Gospel Of James Baldwin" [Tangerine 2 LP] Capitol Music Group; Blue Note; Jazz / Meshell Ndegeocello follows her GRAMMY-winning Blue Note debut The Omnichord Real Book with No More Water: The Gospel of James Baldwin, another visionary album that pays homage to the eminent writer and activist James Baldwin and will be released on his centennial: August 2, 2024. Meshell's transformative music and collaborative spirit ignites this genre-bending work that is at once a musical experience, a church service, a celebration, a testimonial, and a call to action, creating a shared space for reflection, conversation, and social change. Co-produced by Meshell and guitarist Chris Bruce, No More Water also features frequent collaborators Justin Hicks, Kenita Miller, Abe Rounds, Jake Sherman, Jebin Bruni, and Julius Rodriguez, as well as powerful spoken word performances by Jamaican poet and activist Staceyann Chin. 2 LP set on tangerine vinyl. Indie Exclusive. Limited EditionSpecial Pkg: Colored Vinyl [Tangerine 2 LP] Limited Edition; Non-Returnable EXPLICIT
Meshell Ndegeocello - No More Water: The Gospel Of James Baldwin [Indie Exclusive 2 Tangerine Vinyl]
OUT 2024-08-02
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4 LP set on standard black vinyl with 60-page, lavish color book featuring unseen material, new liner notes and interviews, archive memorabilia and photos, printed inner sleeves and four art print photographs, all housed in a hardback slipcase. Limited Edition.

The Police - Synchronicity - [Super Deluxe 4 LP]
OUT 2024-07-26 Video
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Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Beastie Boys’ multi-platinum Ill Communication album, this limited-edition deluxe reissue is a rare version of the album that was originally released as a limited run in 2009. Long out-of-print and sought after by fans and collectors, it features lenticular cover art and includes a bonus LP with 12 bonus tracks (remixes, B-sides and rarities), all housed in a rigid slipcase and pressed on 180g vinyl.

Beastie Boys - Ill Communication - (Deluxe Edition) [3LP]
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Marsha Ambrosius is a GRAMMY-nominated, critically acclaimed singer-songwriter who is gearing up for her highly anticipated album, CASABLANCO. Executive produced by Dr. Dre, CASABLANCO is a combined mix of R&B, jazz and hip-hop which blends in a fulfilling and nostalgic soundscape that has the listeners wanting more.
Marsha Ambrosius - CASABLANCO [Signed Gold Vinyl]
OUT 2024-07-19
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George Strait’s latest album, Cowboys and Dreamers, is his first new music since 2019. This new collection features 13 songs and includes a duet with Chris Stapleton. George is currently on his sold-out stadium tour through summer 2024. This will be his 31st album on MCA Nashville. George Strait is the unambiguous King of Country Music, having sold more than 105 million albums (and counting) while earning more than 60 major entertainment industry awards, as well as countless nominations, and becoming the only act in history to have a Top 10 hit every year for over three decades.
George Strait - Cowboys and Dreamers [2 LP]
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FALLING IN REVERSE makes anthems that provoke and inspire. Unnervingly ahead of the pack and yet always decisively right on time, their mix of bombastic declarations and intimate confessions connect with diverse crowds worldwide.

Popular Monster, is their first full-length album in over seven years; an eleven song masterpiece, featuring five tracks that are bonafide smash hits, (three certified gold and one certified 2x platinum). Not ones to rest on their laurels, the six new tracks are incredible, and feature unexpected collaborations with some of the music industry hottest hitters.

With hit songs like “Popular Monster” topping the rock radio charts and earning them their first 2x platinum single, the band’s momentum only grows stronger, and their live performances are big reason why. From playing top festivals, to arena opening stints for Avenged Sevenfold, and Disturbed, to co-headlining with legends like Papa Roach, and now selling out headline shows in arenas across the country!

This album package will include a 24-page, 4 color booklet with lyrics and imagery from their YouTube Trending music videos, sized for the formats CD and LP.

Falling In Reverse - Popular Monster [Indie Exclusive Candyland LP]
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WE DON’T TRUST YOU arrived as a celebration of the historic partnership of two culture-shifting legends at the peak of their powers, nearly breaking the internet in its wake.  Future and Metro Boomin’s latest collaborations are a continuation of a musical legacy that dates back to "Karate Chop," an electric 2013 single that birthed the most dynastic hip-hop duo of the 2010s. They'd fortify their connection with tracks like 2015's "Jumpman" (with Drake) and 2017’s "Mask Off," singles that have combined to be certified 14-times Platinum by the RIAA.  WE DON’T TRUST YOU features the track “Like That” feat. Kendrick Lamar as well as other “A list” guest features.

Future & Metro Boomin - We Don't Trust You
OUT 2024-07-26
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Shaboozey - Where I've Been, Isn't Where I'm Going - Vinyl

1xLP, Gatefold Jacket, Black Vinyl, Protective Poly-lined Sleeves, Marketing Sticker

Rising multi-media artist Shaboozey intends to build his own world. Determined to carve his own lane in the Alt-Country / Hip-Hop space; he crafts a sound that pays homage to a cast of traditional Western influences, such as Bob Dylan, Lead Belly, Johnny Cash, and Leonard Cohen, while looking into the future of what the two genres have yet to introduce. Remaining true to his Virginia roots, Shaboozey hopes to continue the region's long-standing tradition of producing some of the most prolific creatives of the new millennium. This time through elevating the scope of contemporary hip-hop and introducing a modern Americana culture to a global audience. Fresh off of his inclusion in the groundbreaking Beyonce album, Cowboy Carter, of which he was the only featured artist to appear twice, Shaboozey is set to release his own album, Where I've Been, isn't Where I'm Going. An album that has been years in the making, it includes standout singles "Let It Burn," "Vegas," "Anabelle," & the infectiously fun singalong anthem "A Bar Song (Tipsy)." Millions of streams later, and appearances on esteemed programs such as COLORS and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Shaboozey is set to become the new face of modern American country music.

Shaboozey - Where I've Been Isn't Where I'm Going (Gate)
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I Love You So F***king Much is the fourth studio album from human musical group sensations Glass Animals, released on Republic Records on July 19.

Black 12" vinyl housed in matte finish single sleeve, includes printed inner sleeve and 12" 4-page booklet.

p.s. Artwork by the legendary Lydia Roberts
p.p.s. layout design by Stijn van Hapert
p.p.p.s.  includes liner notes written by the incredible Gabrielle Zevin.

Glass Animals - I Love You So F***ing Much [Limited Edition Black/White Splatter LP]
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Russell County, Virginia-based 49 Winchester is following up their 2022 breakthrough hit, Fortune Favors The Bold with their latest album, Leavin’ This Holler. Since their last release in 2022 the band has mined success across the globe by playing multiple sold out tours in the US as well as a sold out run of arena concerts opening for Luke Combs across Europe. Crowds have celebrated and supported this band across the globe and the band’s hard workin ways continue to help build their devoted following.

Leavin’ This Holler is a soulful anthem of liberation and renewal. The album narrates a journey of breaking free from the chains of the past to pursue happiness and freedom. With a resolute spirit and a clean washed heart, 49 Winchester embraces change and sets out on a quest for new heights. Fortune has favored these bold boys and fueled by determination and the promise of a bright future, ‘Leavin’ this holler’ is a powerful ode to resilience and the pursuit of personal fulfillment.

49 Winchester - Leavin' This Holler [Indie Exclusive Limited Autographed Gold Vinyl]
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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds return with new album, Wild God. Across the ten tracks of the album, the band dance between convention and experimentation, taking left-turns and detours that heighten the rich imagery and emotion in Cave's soul-stirring narratives. It is the sound of a group emboldened by reconnection and taking flight. There are moments that touch fondly upon the Bad Seeds' past but they are fleeting, and serve only to imbue the relentless and restless forward motion of the band. Produced by Cave and Warren Ellis, and mixed by David Fridmann, Cave began writing the album in 2023. With sessions at Miraval in Provence and Soundtree in London, the Bad Seeds added their unique alchemy, with additional performances from Colin Greenwood (bass) and Luis Almau (nylon string guitar, acoustic guitar). "Wild God... there's no fucking around with this record. When it hits, it hits. It lifts you. It moves you. I love that about it," says Nick Cave.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Wild God [LP]
OUT 2024-08-30

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