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Barrington Levy - Time Capsule


Format: CD
Label: RAS Records
Catalog: 89739
Rel. Date: 06/17/2003
UPC: 060768973923

Time Capsule
Artist: Barrington Levy
Format: CD
New: In Stock $11.99

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1. Little Children Cry
2. Jah a the Creator
3. No Good Girl
4. Oh Jah Can't You See
5. Hypocrites
6. Loving You
7. Super Star Girl
8. Bad Boy
9. Dangerous Dub
10. Stinkin' Dub, A
11. Nasty Dub, A
12. Terrible Dub, A
13. Rotten Dub, A
14. (Untitled) - (hidden track)


Time Capsule, subtitled The First Five Years of Fingathing, is a best of compilation of Fingathing's first three albums. It was released on Grand Central Records in September 2005. The American edition of the album And the Big Red Nebula Band also has a bonus album called Time Capsule, but only has five tracks. - Wikipedia

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