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Format: CD
Label: ARC
Rel. Date: 08/25/2017
UPC: 3760195734346

Manuscript Bauyn
Artist: Giulia Nuti
Format: CD
New: In Stock $18.99

Formats and Editions


1. Prelude In F Major
2. Suite In F Major: I. Allemande
3. Suite In F Major: II. Courante
4. Suite In F Major: III. Autre Courante
5. Suite In F Major: IV. Rondeau
6. Suite In F Major: V. Sarabande
7. Suite In F Major: VI. Chaconne
8. Suite In D Minor: I. Allemande
9. Suite In D Minor: II. Courante
10. Suite In D Minor: III. Autre Courante
11. Suite In D Minor: IV. Sarabande
12. Suite In D Minor: V. Gigue
13. Suite In D Minor: VI. Gavotte Avec Double Par M. Couperin
14. Sarabande Grave
15. Toccata In A Minor
16. Sarabande
17. Tombeau De Mr. Blancrocher
18. Sarabande In C Major
19. Suite In C Major: I. Allemande
20. Suite In C Major: II. Courante
21. Suite In C Major: III. Autre Courante
22. Suite In C Major: IV. Sarabande
23. Suite In C Major: V. Gigue
24. Suite In C Major: VI. Chaconne
25. Suite In G Minor: I. Prélude
26. Suite In G Minor: II. Allemande
27. Suite In G Minor: III. Courante
28. Suite In G Minor: IV. Sarabande
29. Suite In G Minor: V. Passacaille

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