Format: CD
Catalog: 21
Rel. Date: 02/05/2002
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Daylight Ep
Artist: Aesop Rock
Format: CD
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It says something about the work habits of Manhattan MC Ian Bavitz, AKA AesopRock, that less than six months after dropping his third and best-distributedCD, the superb Labor Days, he can follow it up with an EP featuring sixsongs that didn’t make that album but are equally as good as anything onit. Well, actually, it’s something of a misnomer to refer to the majorityof Daylight EP as “new.” “Maintenance,” for instance,is an older track that has previously only been available on vinyl, and “NightLight” only half-counts. As its title suggests, the song is sort of a flipsideof “Daylight”—a Labor Days highlight—following someof the same lyrics down different paths: on “Daylight,” he proclaims,“Life’s not a bitch/ Life is a beautiful woman/ You only call hera bitch because she won’t let you get that p****.” “Night Light,”on the other hand, goes, “Life’s not a bitch/ Life is a bee-yotch/Who keeps the villagers out circling the marketplace/ Out searching for theg-spot.”

The rest of the CD is just as off-center and smartly imagistic. “NickelPlated Pockets” (produced by former Company Flow frontman and Def Jux presidentEl-P) captures urban tension with lines like “The alley cats manipulatethe clocks with gutter magic/ Today my heart beats mostly out of habit”before taking in sights of “a city full of World Trade Center victim candlevigils.” And Aesop is just as good when he lays back and rhymes for thehell of it: check “Alchemy,” a jazz-infused track on which Aesop Rockis joined by up-and-comer Blueprint.