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Blues Laureate-Rca Years
Artist: Percy Mayfield
Format: CD
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1. Yes, You'll Play
2. Live Today Like the Day Before
3. Highway Is Like a Woman
4. Painful Party
5. You Wear Your Hair Too Long
6. To Love the Past
7. My Friend
8. Lying Woman, A (Not Trustworthy)
9. To Claim It's Love
10. My Error
11. Country, The
12. Weakness Is a Thing Called Man
13. California Blues
14. Hand in Hand with Another Man
15. Brotherhood Week
16. I Hope You Get the Message
17. Flirt, The
18. Getting You off My Mind
19. I've Got a Secret
20. Sign on the Dotted Line
21. You Lied to Me for Your Last Time
22. Right on Young Americans
23. Contact Me (When You Find Her)
24. Love and the Married Woman, The
25. Devil Made Me Do It, The

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