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Midnite Movies Double Feature.
Midnite Movies Double Feature.


Format: CD
Label: DGMI
Catalog: 670801
Rel. Date: 04/18/2009
UPC: 633367080127

40th Anniversary Tour Box
Artist: King Crimson
Format: CD
New: In Stock $17.99

Formats and Editions


1. Introduction, The (Fillmore West 15th December 1969)
2. 21st Century Schzoid Man The King Crimson Big Band: Schizoid Men
3. Astounding Revelations Pt. 1 9Thrak Electronic Press Kit. Real W
4. Form No.2 Kcvll (String Arrangement & Produced By The Vicar)
5. Astounding Revelations Pt.2 (Thrak Electronic Press Kit. Real Wo
6. Improv/ Tomorrow Never Knows (Warsaw June 10th 2000)
7. Shocking Confessions (Epitaph Playback London March 15th, 1997.
8. Steinberger Melody (Champaign-Urbana January 1983)
9. Terrifying Tale Of Thela Hun Ginjeet: Venal Leader, The ( Later
10. Starless & Bible Back Us Radio Advert 1974: The Unfettered Truth
11. Improv: Brescia. (20th March 1974)
12. Untitled Track

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Midnite Movies Double Feature.
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