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Ryu - Tanks For The Memories


Format: Vinyl
Label: DTVS
Rel. Date: 09/09/2016
UPC: 684557441129

Tanks For The Memories
Artist: Ryu
Format: Vinyl
New: In Stock $24.99

Formats and Editions


1. Radio Pollution (Feat. Gravity Christ ; Divine Styler)
2. The One
3. Been Doin' This
4. Happy Days (Feat. Jams, Gravity Christ ; Bishop Lamont)
5. The Devil's Got a Plan
6. Who's Next? (Move) [Feat. Everlast)
7. Mantis for Lotus (Feat. Divine Styler)
8. The Bumrush (Feat. Gravity Christ ; Tak)
9. Bottom of the Bottle (Feat. Jams) 1
10. Lap of the Gods (Feat. Tak ; Celph Titled) 1
11. I Did It to Myself

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