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Marriage Of Heaven & Hell I+Ii


Format: CD
Genre: Rock/Pop
Rel. Date: 06/24/2014
UPC: 693723308456

Marriage Of Heaven & Hell I+Ii
Artist: Virgin Steele
Format: CD
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1. I Will Come For You
2. Weeping Of The Spirits
3. Blood And Gasoline
4. Self Crucifixion
5. Last Supper
6. Warrior's Lament
7. Trail Of Tears
8. The Raven Song
9. Forever Will I Roam
10. I Wake Up Screaming
11. House Of Dust
12. Blood Of The Saints
13. Life Among The Ruins
14. The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell
15. Angela's Castle (Bonus Track)
16. The Sword Of Damocles (Bonus Track)
17. A Symphony Of Steele
18. Crown Of Glory (Unscarred)
19. From Chaos To Creation
20. Twilight Of The Gods
21. Rising Unchained
22. Transfiguration
23. Prometheus The Fallen One
24. Emalaith
25. Strawgirl
26. Devil/Angel
27. Unholy Water
28. Victory Is Mine
29. The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell Revisited...
30. Life Among The Ruins (Live Version)
31. I Wake Up Screaming (Live Version)