Format: CD
Label: Artemis Records
Catalog: 751126
Rel. Date: 07/16/2002
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Float Away with the Friday Night Gods
Artist: Marah
Format: CD
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Two and a quarter centuries ago, Philadelphia played a crucial role in chasingBritish rule from American shores. Now it's helped to produce one of, ifnot the, best Britpop album of the year. This comes courtesy of the City ofBrotherly Love's Beilankos brothers and their band, Marah; after emergingduring 1998 as one of Americana's great white hopes-a stature furtheredby a signing to maverick Steve Earle's E-Squared label and the releaseof 2000's outstanding Kids in Philly-siblings David and Sergehave shifted course and gears. Dramatically.

For Float Away With the Friday Night Gods, Marah repaired to Wales torecord with producer Owen Morris, whose work with Oasis and the Verve showsthroughout Float Away's ten exquisitely crafted and exuberantlydelivered songs. "Float Away'' opens things with a charged, anthemicand thick onslaught of guitars, horns and special guest Bruce Springsteen onguitar and backing vocals, while "People of the Underground" is asinewy salute to rave culture ("We're in a taxi as the happiness attacksme/ And we're laughin' in the back seat 'cause it's 10 o'clockexactly"). "Revolution" incorporates glam-rock flavors, and "ForAll We Know We're Dreaming" adds some Celtic influences amidst anothercrunchy wall of guitars. Marah takes a gentler path on "Crying on an Airplane,"but Float Away's crowning moment is also its last-"Outin Style," a charged, dynamic rocker that channels a bit of early '90sManchester into the proceedings. A jaw-dropping surprise at first, FloatAway soars with a power and authority that's "supersonic"even by Oasis standards.