Beyond Words


Format: CD
Catalog: 34201
Genre: Blues/Jazz
Rel. Date: 03/12/2002
UPC: 724353420123

Beyond Words
Artist: Bobby Mcferrin
Format: CD
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In 1988 McFerrin had a fluke pop hit in "Don't Worry, Be Happy."He seemed to be so embarrassed by its success that he largely withdrew fromperforming for a time, instead embarking upon a new career as a classical conductor(his father was a notable baritone opera singer). A decade passed and, despiteoccasional sightings, the singer remained on the periphery of creative music.Instead of winning jazz polls, he rarely even showed up at the bottom of thelist.

Beyond Words finds McFerrin (who sticks to wordless sounds throughout)returning to jazz with versions of 13 originals plus Chick Corea's "Windows."McFerrin's voice is still in its prime and he interacts with a group ratherthan singing unaccompanied; his only two solo pieces also include his keyboards.Chick Corea plays keyboards on six numbers and the other musicians include keyboardistGil Goldstein, bassist Richard Bona, drummer Omar Hakim, percussionist CyroBaptista and flutist Keith Underwood.

However this project is not at the level that one would hope. The themes donot really stand out, McFerrin mostly sticks to falsetto (so there is much lessvariety than expected), the electronics are unimaginative and often repetitive,and the singer's use of overdubbing takes away from the uniqueness of histalents. One waits in vain for something unique or at least memorable to happenbut, other than setting moods, this disappointing project is quite uneventful.