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Format: Vinyl
Label: SARF
Rel. Date: 04/08/2014
UPC: 736983886750

Look How Fast the Heart Can Break
Artist: Singles
Format: Vinyl
New: In Stock $14.99

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1. Inamorata
2. You've Runned Away
3. (She's Got) a Heart of Stone
4. It's So Hard to Get Over You
5. Turn the Other Way
6. I Can' Believe What I Got Myself Into This Time
7. I Only Wish You Loved Me More
8. Our Last Goodbye
9. She's Not Interested 1
10. We Don't Talk Anymore 1
11. All the Things I Ever Wanted 1
12. Look How Fast a Heart Can Break 1
13. Don't Wanna Ever Fall in Love Again

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