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Folk Songs From Scotland's Heritage
Artist: Kenneth Mckellar
Format: CD
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1. Uist Tramping Song (Come Along)
2. Rowan Tree, The
3. Mingulay Boat Song
4. Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen, song, The
5. Ho-Ree, Ho-Ro, My Little Wee Girl!, folk song
6. My Ain Folk, song
7. Long Ships, song, The
8. Lewis Bridal Song, The
9. Granny's Highland Hame, song
10. Bluebells of Scotland, The
11. Loch Lomond
12. Highland Laddie (in The Lady's Banquet, 1708)
13. Will Ye No' Come Back Again?, folk song
14. MacGregors' gathering, The
15. Laird o' Cockpen, song, The
16. Bonnie Earl o' Moray, song, The
17. O Gin I Were a Baron's Heir, song
18. Turn Ye To Me
19. Hey, Johnnie Cope, folk song
20. Ho Ro, My Nut Brown Maiden
21. Bonnie Strathyre
22. Wee Cooper o' Fyfe, The
23. Isle of Mull, folk song
24. Pair of Nicky Tams, folk song, A
25. Proud Peaks of Scotland, folk song, The
26. Auld Lang Syne

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