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Vijay Iyer - Holding It Down: Veterans Dreams Project


Format: CD
Label: PIRC
Catalog: 49
Rel. Date: 09/10/2013
UPC: 808713004922

Holding It Down: Veterans Dreams Project
Artist: Vijay Iyer
Format: CD
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Formats and Editions


1. Here (Mike, Cambridge)
2. Derelict Poetry (Maurice, Brooklyn)
3. Capacity (Lynn,Bronx)
4. Walking With The Duppy (Rashan, Queens)
5. There Is A Man Slouching In The Stairway (Maurice, Brooklyn)
6. My Fire (Brad, Chester, Nc)
7. On Patrol (Maurice, Brooklyn)
8. Dream Of An Ex-Ranger (William, Newton, Ma)
9. Name (Lynn, Bronx)
10. Costume (Mike, Cambridge)
11. Tormented Star Of Morning (Maurice, Brooklyn)
12. Patton (Calvin, Massapequa, Ny)
13. Sush (Maurice, Brooklyn)
14. Rem Killer (Kirk, Lexington, Ky)
15. Requiem For An Insomniac (Maurice, Brooklyn)
16. Dreams In Color (Lynn, Bronx)
17. Mess Hall (Merrin, San Diego)

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